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Listen / Get the new music: February 2023



This is my 11th release! I am enormously grateful for your involvement and interest in my projects over the years. Your support has allowed me to truly follow my own strange muse wherever it takes me.

 Outpost of Civilization is the fine group of musicians I get to share the creative process with: Michael Sauri, Jean Paul Gaster , Paul Mercer, Chris Brooks. Also Steve Wright @WrightWay Studios as engineer and Tony Eichler@ GoldTone Mastering. This release also features co-writes with Jennifer Smith, Piper Greenbaum, Melissa Wimbish and Leah Simmons. I`m Seriously humbled to work with this crew!

I've started a campaign to help get this music to you! Please click the link below and see options to support this release. 

Thank You, 

Jay A Turner

New Music From Jay A Turner - May 14, 2021 



I created a cover of the beloved Eno/Bowie song 'Heroes' earlier this year: 

Piper Greenbaum on vocals.

Bernard McWilliams Film. 


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