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Jay A Turner.... Bass player.... Played with a ton of bands all over the place.

Played on a whole lot of cds.

5 solo disc completed and a new one on its way.

Session and touring work...

I love to play music.   


​​What’s New? Song Cycle 123-123 is complete! Playing lots of bass - busy studio and tour season with a nice variety of artist from Cajun/Zydeco to Dream Pop, Blues Rock, Singer/Songwriter and indie-rock - Pocketbells, Mike Westcott, James Mabry, Jen Smith & Laurie Webb, to name a few. I’m also writing for a new project: A Collection of Songs for Soprano and Bass - shifting gears, for sure, on this one. Melissa Wimbish and I performed “Hear Comes The Flood” as a duet (bass and voice) on Art Music for Bass and I wanted to explore that further. I`m a fan of writing music for solo bass in a new-classical style, so, the idea of bass and voice seemed to be waiting on the table. Sparse, that`s what the next project is about.


Bio - Maryland Bassist/Composer Jay A. Turner spent his early years committed to classical guitar, establishing a strong foundation with a challenging repertoire. Since then he’s built a reputation as a go-to bassist for session work and touring in the U.S and Europe. He has released 5 full length solo albums and contributed to 100’s more. 2017 he’ll be releasing his 6th solo album as well as a remix/remaster of Nine Ladies Dancing and a song cycle entitled “Song Cycle 123-123”.

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