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“Turner is an electric bassist who often sounds as if he`s intent on not sounding like one. (Circling is) interspersed with… colorful ensemble pieces (and three solo performances that further attest to Turner’s lyricism and resourcefulness.” 

- Mike Joyce, The Washington Post

"For once, the best thing on a bass player's solo album is the bass player himself...But its not just Turner's playing that shines - his writing and arranging are equally impressive.''

- Lee Gardner, Baltimore City Paper

“(Jay Turner) is versatile, technically strong and plays with originality. Seek him out. He’ll make your records sound better.”

- John Hood, Music Row (Nashville)

"Jay Turner has managed something big with this CD. He, along with a group of musicians who clearly understand his intentions and desires, has created Art. Not in the pretentious and self-serving sense, but Art for people who don’t even know that they love the bass yet. People who love art, and who’ve never imagined a bassist making a bass-centric cd that could bear the term. This is a beautiful piece of music in a world desperately in need of such."

-David Moreale, Jazz Times

“Coupling inventive, affecting arrangements with technical dexterity, bassist Jay A. Turner offers a mind-bending trip on Circling.”

- Hillary Grey, Jazz Times


Jay A Turner is an awesome bassist who I heard for the fist time years ago!! I hoped to be the liaison that introduced him to Sweden when I was still living there. Alas, while the people who heard his record were blown away, I was not able to get him there as hoped. Chalk it up to inexperience. It would have helped immensely to have the social media we have today. Jay's musical journey has since taken him far and wide, both musically and geographically. I'm proud to call him a friend!!

Check out this video, which is not only a sensually magical visual, but is bathed in earthy edge by Jay's incredible music. 'Like' Jay A Turner's page to support his endeavors and show your gratitude!!  

 -Scotti Preston via Jay A Turner Band Page

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