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Pedal Board for me in studio is always changing. No patch cable is sacred.

Starting at the AB-Y box I split to 2 amps at the end of the pedals. A DNA 1350 for the High end into 1 DNA 1-12 cabinet and the trusty Bassman135 for the lows into 2 1-12 DNA cabs (head sounds better at 4ohm load)

Low route: EHX micro-pog - Mercer octave clang.

Top Route :MXR compressor, Mercer Chorusplus, Pigtronix tremvelope, JHS spring tank, MXR sub octave bass fuzz:)

Used a Music Man bass with a high C string  passive with a Nordstrand MM pick-up.

Fender SquireVI rewired and  P-Bass with Nordstrand pickups vintage P-J.

4 of my favorite pedals:

Emma Discombobulator, Barber yet to be identified only in secret, Barber Linden EQ, JHS Colour Box

The Studio  solo bass piece : Bassman 135, Traynor Super Custom (4-KT`88`s) Into 2 1-12 DNA cabinets each miked with EV RE-20, room mikes  AKG 414, mono room Royer 121. Api Mic pre amps , LA-2A comp.MusicMan bass passive with Nordstrand MM pick-up

This page is all about the gear I`m using for the new Passion Day CD. Enjoy:)


Gyraf Tube Channel and Calrec Mic pre/Eq BSS 402 comp.

    I like all these guys and they like me:)


GHS Strings

JHS Pedals

Barber Electronics

Nordstrand Pickups

EMG Pickups

Mercer Pedals.

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