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(January 5, 2021)

OK, how do I say this delicately...without sounding like too much of a fan? Jay A. Turner is a treasure to the music world. In this area of the United States for sure, and only there alone because people in the rest of the states and in the world have yet to be hip enough to have explored his music. Let me give you a little background. Jay has been playing bass in the Baltimore-Washington area for over 40 years now. He has played on just about everyone’s music in this area and as far down as Nashville, TN. He is the go to bass player for producers and musicians from up state New York to Nashville. Most of the time he is playing someone else’s tunes and weaving his personal style into them. On this occasion you get to hear Jay at his most creative. Jay is also a beautiful classical guitar player. On his latest release “Navigate” we finally get to hear Jay in his most pure form. Playing his own creations, straight from his mind and his heart. Designed to bring us some time to think and rejoice in these times of solitude. Many if not all of the songs on this compilation could and should be found on major label releases from brands we have all heard of like Blue Note records and such. “Kings Horses” really jumps out at you as something that could have been on a solo Pat Metheny CD, except of course Jay is crafting this on a five string bass instead of guitar. I can almost hear Lyle Mays and the boys from Pat’s rhythm section playing on this tune. 


In the Navigate series of essays, Jay runs the gamut from Julian Bream alone on a stage in some forgotten church to perhaps John McLaughlin in his more contemplative moments. I would do yourself a favor and during these times of isolation and troubles, pick this up and give yourself a long chance to be quiet, reflect, and move forward to a more thoughtful place.


Jay is one of the most technically affluent musicians I know, but it does not dominate his playing to a degree where it confuses, only uplifts. Beautiful tones, explorations of mood and melodies that will stay with you for a long time.


Beautifully played, wonderfully recorded, and thoughtfully composed. Please don’t pass this one up.

--Jason Stelluto





This is my 7th release as a writer/producer/bassist. Powered by a belief in what history should and can reveal in guiding humanity away from future peril. Thus relinquish Passion for the Good Stuff, not the hatred.
My great musical friends that let the muse work her passion...unbelievable!!!! Such an honor.
I hope everyone will give 3 minutes of their time to listen. It is Art.  

Passion Day
January 6, 2020

Jay A Turner- Bass
Jean Paul Gaster - Drums
Michael Sauri - Guitar
James Robbins - Vocals
Chris Brooks Keys

The story behind Passion Day began when I was driving home from a gig and listening to a talk radio discussion about the Battle of Passchendaele. For some reason I thought I heard “passion day,” due to the loss of hearing from the gig. Reaching home late that night I began defining the word passion, still not connecting the spellings. :) When that connection arose so did the breadth of meaning. No music yet - just writing ideas and reading about this time in WW1. Conversations began with the trio and I asked James Robbins to come in as a singer and lyricist. More talking and sharing notes for possible lyrics continued. Rehearsing with Michael Sauri and Jean Paul Gaster as always is an immediate whirlpool of ideas and development. I believe we went to the studio with a good understanding of arrangements but much sculpting happened while tracking. The big surprise happened when we heard what J. Robbins had settled on. Stellar! Yes, stellar! Keyboards overdubs with Chris Brooks playing and putting down ideas like he was tracking with us! Then to mix at Wrightway Studios where Steve Wright really opened up the sonic possibilities. It was quite an undertaking, as all projects are.

 single from Passion Day




NINE LADIES DANCING 2005 (re-mastered 2015)


CIRCLING (1995 - remastered 2012)


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SONG CYCLE 123-123 (2017)

"Jay Turner has managed something big with this CD. He, along with a group of musicians who clearly understand his intentions and desires, has created Art. Not in the pretentious and self-serving sense, but Art for people who don’t even know that they love the bass yet. People who love art, and who’ve never imagined a bassist making a bass-centric cd that could bear the term. This is a beautiful piece of music in a world desperately in need of such."

-David Moreale, Jazz Times





“Turner is an electric bassist who often sounds as if he`s intent on not sounding like one. (Circling is) interspersed with… colorful ensemble pieces (and three solo performances that further attest to Turner’s lyricism and resourcefulness.” 

- Mike Joyce, The Washington Post


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