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Confusing, Hmm, maybe not so much.

Starting the new year with finishing up the Song Cycle disc, a remixed/remastered Nine Ladies Dancing. The release #2 for the PocketBells! In the studio tracking with Mike Westcott Band at Magpie Cage in Baltimore, In pre production with Jen Smith for her solo disc and Working on James Mabry's demos for his up and coming cd! Then the seeds are cultivating for Short Pieces For Voice and Bass. So, why the confusion... Right, The Crawdaddies new release is out for digital download and live gigs are coming in. Then I get to paint during the day, my zen activity:) Then there`s the updating of this web site, with the genious help of Jen Smith. I think that`s it for now.... and there goes the phone ring ring ring:) Its a good thing!



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