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New Blog - New Album - New Songs 019,020

This I'm so happy about: finishing up Passion Day, recording tracks for Fragmentation, 3 new songs slated for 2020 session and a SUPER version of Heroes for basses and Piper Greenbaum singing it! It was a great year for session work! I`ll let you know as the releases come up. I`ll be asking everyone to check out a copy of Passion Day, a sonic convergence of talents. It`s Art and without you it only has significance to the author, me. Release is January 6, 2020. Thanks so much for the support and by the way there is a GoFund Me Page devoted to purchasing Passion Day and or the entire JATurner catalog at a fraction of the cost :). Happy Holidays from ME.

All good things for All good peoples.

JT :)

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